Rising Beef Prices Leads to Industry Innovation


CHICAGO — Amid the hurdles of rising beef prices and negative health perceptions, Technomic’s Burger Consumer Trend Report has outlined key areas of opportunity that improve health and quality perceptions while maintaining a strong value proposition for the industry.

“Utilizing value beef cuts and incorporating non-beef proteins can help lower costs and broaden the range of needstates burgers can satisfy,” says Sara Monnette, VP, Technomic. “Specialty ingredients like pretzel buns can enhance the value perception and unique toppings and sauces, stuffed patties and premium sides can add to craveability and brand differentiation.”

With the majority of consumers eating burgers at least weekly (57 per cent), burgers have remained a popular staple in the American diet. On a weekly basis, 39 per cent of consumers purchase burgers from fast-food restaurants, and 61 per cent of consumers say it’s important to be able to customize the toppings/condiments.

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