Sysco Canada Launches New Campaign to Support Restaurants


TORONTO — Sysco Canada has launched a new campaign, ‘Keep Local Restaurants on the Menu,’ as part of its efforts under the Foodies Unite initiative, which aims to help heal the restaurant industry in Canada and support communities impacted by the pandemic.

As part of the campaign, the company is encouraging Canadians to support the restaurant industry, which continues to be heavily impacted by the pandemic, by ordering from their favourite local restaurants.

Patrons can magnify their support by sharing a photo of their meal on social media using the hashtag #foodiesunite and tagging the restaurant. Sysco Canada is also offering a downloadable social-media tool kit featuring unique graphics to enhance posts.

To support the increased need for hunger relief in communities and the industry, the company will also contribute to Food Banks Canada equating to 50,000 meals.

“As restaurant operators continue to navigate changes in demand and COVID-19 restrictions, the industry needs our help more than ever,” says Randy White, president of Sysco Canada. “Together with our friends, families and neighbours, we can support these local businesses that are so important to the economic health of our communities and to the culture of the neighbourhoods we call home.”

Sysco Canada is further supporting the success of restaurants by providing operators flexibility in managing their business and providing marketing and business support. The company has eliminated minimum delivery-size requirements for non-contract customers’ regularly scheduled delivery days as part of its Restaurants Rising campaign, in addition to offering many free Foodie Solutions Toolkits to help operators enhance their business strategies

The company is also helping market its restaurant customers’ businesses through a variety of channels, including:
• free social media, digital and print-marketing services for customers
• a new webpage providing a central location for communities to understand which restaurants are open
• telling stories of its customers’ resilience, through the Sysco Virtual Kitchen program, on Facebook in January and February

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