Toronto’s Miller Tavern Re-Opens with New COVID-19 Air Purifier


TORONTO — The Miller Tavern has installed Aura Air purifier, the first restaurant in Canada to use the new technology.

Developed in Israel, the Aura Air purifier has already been deployed at several Subway restaurants, as well as select Sheraton Hilton hotels in the U.S., and the Vogue Hotel in Montreal.

“COVID-19 is airborne, therefore, technology is needed to ensure continuous protection against this particular type of transmission. The Aura Smart Air technology includes air-quality monitoring and reporting capabilities where, via its app and QR code, users can see IAQ performance in real-time,” says Yehuda Ordower, managing partner for Aura Canada. “Air purification is emerging as an important part of the defense against COVID-19. This is especially true for restaurants and other places where masks need to be removed. But when customers and staff know they are in an environment with a technology proven to remove 99 percent of COVID-19, this can only be good for business. It could be the way back for the hospitality industry.”

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