TrainCan to Launch New Training Program


TORONTO — Traincan,Inc., which offers food-safety training and certification for foodservice, is preparing to launch “Emergency Preparedness Training Basics for the Food Industry,” this fall.

“Well thought-out and designed emergency plans protect your customers, employees and ultimately your business,” said Jim Kostuch, VP and CEO of TrainCan, Inc., which is based in Toronto. ”While TrainCan’s Advanced.fst food-safety training course provides information on emergency crisis management and outbreak response, we believe the food industry needs a more in-depth training program, dedicated to this very important area.”

Presented in a half-day interactive classroom environment, participants will be guided through hazards that could impact their business. The training program will provide industry owners, managers and chefs with tools to support them in designing their own customized emergency planning strategies. A certificate of completion is offered to all employees who successfully complete the course.

The program was jointly developed by TrainCan, Inc. and Heffernan Consulting, Canada, a emergency consulting firm.


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