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Over the past five years, fresh pineapple (especially the Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapple) has become one of the more popular fresh-produce items found on menus.

The Del Monte® Vegetable Noodles are becoming more popular, along with quite a few of Mann’s foodservice-focused products, such as the Better Burger Leaf®, Caulilini® baby cauliflowerArcadian Harvest Classic®, Red RomaBlend® and RomaCrunch®. 

“These products are new and innovative, and some of the varieties are currently exclusive to our brands,” says  Christou. “For instance, our Better Burger Leaf® offers a familiar sweet iceberg flavour and crunchy texture, but redefines the traditional lettuce topping with a consistently round shape, beautiful frilly edge and emerald-green colour — providing an upscale appearance that’s a perfect fit for buns and sandwich breads.”

The lettuce blends are more favourable as alternatives to traditional Romaine lettuce due to the recent problems the SKU has endured in the press. Some sales are driven by meeting the need for healthier alternatives, all the while incorporating new and different concepts.

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