Upping Your Game – SEB Professional


SEB Professional is all about choice. Their brands – WMF, Schaerer, and Curtis – are designed to help operators of any size build a successful coffee program that fits their restaurant’s needs and customer demographics.

Schaerer models for example, are the ideal fit for hotels, restaurants, fast casual, and quick-service restaurants as well as bakeries and coffee shops. A convenient choice for foodservice , the Coffee Art Plus two-step espresso-based machine for example, features a push-button operation that makes it easy to operate with little training, and can produce up to 80 cappuccinos/lattes per hour.

The Schaerer Coffee Art C, a leader in the bean-to-cup coffee revolution, produces bothot and iced coffee on demand faster than a traditional drip brewer, reducing time, waste, and energy. “These are specifically designed to be customer-facing in applications such as convenience stores, every coffee poured is ground from fresh, whole beans” says Harold Ooft, head of Sales and Service, Canada, for SEB Professional. “This produces the freshest cup possible for consumers.”

The WMF brand has an expansive portfolio for operators looking for espresso-based beverages. The WMF 5000 S+ is the perfect espresso-based choice for high-capacity, fast-paced venues. Features include Dynamic Coffee Assist that monitors brewing flow and makes automatic adjustments when necessary to ensure fast and consistent results every time. Features include an AutoClean labour-saving function, and two-milk dispensing options, including alternative milks.

Finally, the Curtis brand offers pressure brewed, traditional drip, and tea solutions. For example, the Curtis Genesis is a bean to cup solution designed for small/medium sized operators and will not only upgrade their coffee programs, but also save on labour and waste in customer-facing environments. Using a pressure brewing method similar to espresso, it delivers absolute freshness in every cup, and features two grinders.

“These are only a few examples of how SEB Professional continually innovates to find solutions to solve operators’ problems, while providing the coffee consumers demand,” says Hooft.

To find out more about how to elevate coffee in your establishment, and how to make your business a go-to destination for outstanding coffee and tea experiences, visit: https://wilburcurtis.com/whats-brewing/

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