Waterloo Brewing Selling at Reduced Prices to Ontario Foodservice


KITCHENER, Ont. — Waterloo Brewing company has begun selling some of its most popular beers to Ontario pubs and restaurants at reduced prices in an effort to help the industry rebound from the pandemic.

“COVID’s crushing effect on our local economies, workers and businesses is apparent to everyone,” says George Croft, President and CEO, Waterloo Brewing. “The hospitality sector and those who work in Ontario’s bars and restaurants have already been among the hardest hit and prospects going forward are going to be difficult. So, today, we choose to stand with them as they persevere through the months ahead.”

The initiative, which came into effect on March 22, includes Waterloo Dark, IPA, Craft Lager, Grapefruit Radler and Landshark tall cans, which have been reduced by $10 per 24-can case; 20-litre keg pricing is reduced $25 per keg; and 58.6-litre keg pricing is reduced by $50 per keg on select brands.

“Like so many pubs and restaurants, our brewery is a local business. And, now is the time for locals to help locals,” adds Croft. “Our hearts are very much in the right place with this effort and we encourage any businesses that are in a similarly fortunate position as Waterloo Brewing to join us in this effort anyway they can.”

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