Chef Owen Lightly Dies at 31


VANCOUVER — Owen Lightly, a Vancouver chef, has died at 31 after losing a battle with colon cancer.

Lightly was the chef and owner of Butter on the Endive, a full-service catering company located in Vancouver. Throughout his career as a chef, Lightly worked as a second cook at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, as a sous chef at Araxi Restaurant + Bar and as a saucier/sous chef at West Restaurant and Bar. He studied at Vancouver Island University, where he obtained his certificate of culinary arts.

Lightly also blogged about cooking and wrote for publications such as Scout Magazine and Vancouver Sun. “He lived a life full of gratitude and generosity as a chef, partner and friend. Owen’s writings have impacted a generation of cooks and his cooking sparked a movement of convivial dining and collaboration among chefs, artists and artisans,” Katherine Manson, a family friend, wrote in the Vancouver Sun.










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