Denny’s Canada Selects XTM’s Today Solution for Earned Gratuity Access


TORONTO — Denny’s Canada has chosen XTM’s Today Solution mobile app and pre-paid card for gratuity payout at its 59 restaurants across the country.

XTM’s free mobile app or pre-paid Visa or MasterCard with banking features is used to automate employee payouts and eliminate cash for efficiency. Now, the accounting process for the employer is simplified and employees can access their pay instantly.

“It’s our people that drive the success at Denny’s and all other Northland Properties hospitality brands.  We are committed to taking care of our employees and are always looking for ways to recognize their efforts and inspire them.  As we continue to grow, XTM’s Today Solution enables our staff at Denny’s to receive their tips and due backs quickly, easily and directly without corporate involvement and at no cost to them or the restaurant,” says Deborah Gagnon, president and COO at Denny’s Canada and vice-president at Northland Properties Corporation.

“From grilled chicken and burgers to their hearty nine-grain pancake breakfast, Denny’s sets the standard for family dining,” says Marilyn Schaffer, CEO of XTM. “We’re really excited to support Denny’s Canada staff with easy access to their gratuities. There’s no better way for a smart organization to inspire their employees than by offering quick and easy access to their earnings.”

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