Hormel crumble toppings are bringing home the bacon — and more


Meat crumble toppings have been fan favourites when it comes to embellishing pizzas and other popular menu items. But there is more to crumbles than meets the eye.

In the past, crumble toppings have traditionally been associated exclusively with pizza offerings, says Dan Glendinning, Country Manager, Canada foodservice, Hormel Foods Canada. “With the quality and consistency of crumble-topping products available today, operators are finding new ways to use them to maximize their menu choices and minimize their budgets.”

A growing number of operators are turning to HORMEL PREMORO® crumble toppings to expand their menu options for an increasingly diverse customer base. These products are not just convenient and easy to handle, each crumble of choice delivers a consistent flavour and texture that chefs can rely on, whether adding a finishing touch to a pizza, or incorporating them with other ingredients to introduce a smoky or spicy signature spin to a recipe.

PREMORO® crumbles are made from fresh meat that is cooked and individually quick frozen, allowing chefs to only use what they need. Product can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months from production. Chefs can choose from a selection of three bacon, seven sausage and five beef-flavoured offerings.

One of the biggest draws for PREMORO® crumbles is that they are fully cooked products, so there is no handling of raw ingredients, says Glendinning. “All of our products are produced with fresh meat rather than frozen for better textures and flavour.”

The other benefit is the unmatched versatility they bring to the kitchen, he adds. “Cooked meat crumbles can be used on everything from pasta and sandwiches to areas that traditionally use raw ground beef, such as meat pies, chili or taco filling,” says Glendinning. “Not only do they eliminate a cooking step, but you also don’t get any moisture leakage.”

Cooked meat crumbles are also becoming popular with the Home-Meal-Replacement (HMR) crowd. “You can take the fully cooked crumble and mix it with the rest of the ingredients for different applications. It saves producers from having to bring in and kettle cook raw meat and eliminates a lot of extra handling.”

Topping the list of PREMORO® crumbles are the chorizo- and bacon-flavoured lines. “Bacon has served as a consistently popular topping item for decades, while chorizo toppings are gaining popularity around the world as adventurous diners crave spicier flavour profiles,” says Glendinning.

“Now, with inflation and supply-chain shortages, these types of products are in demand more than ever, because they are cost effective, readily available, and reduce time and food waste in food preparation without sacrificing flavour or consistency.”

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