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While most of the foodservice industry moved lethargically through the past few years, the QSR segment has enjoyed good growth, benefiting from consumers trading down. And, with the new year in full swing, the QSR segment is primed for further growth and diversification, with a host of new concepts set to emerge across industry sectors.

While burgers and fries continue to be the mainstay icons of the fast-food world, increasingly they are being forced to make room for healthier fare, including soups, salads, sandwiches, an assortment of vegetarian offerings and ethnic fare. With burgeoning growth in the popularity of food trucks, a new appreciation for healthy kids’ menus and the continued expansion of the breakfast daypart, QSR has never been as dynamic. In fact, according to a recent breakfast report by the Chicago-based Technomic, the early morning daypart is expected to show solid growth over the next few years. In that report, 16 per cent of consumers indicate they are purchasing breakfast away from home more often now than they did only one year ago, showing opportunities exist for operators and suppliers to capitalize on these changing consumers’ needs. 

But just as fast food can only thrive by morphing and evolving to meet the market’s changing needs, today’s franchisors and franchisees can only succeed if their business model is mutually advantageous. 

“Just as operators can only succeed by meeting the needs of the customer, so too will franchisors only be successful if they work with their franchisees as true partners with the same end goal: pleasing and satisfying the customer.”

That requires both sides of the franchise equation to be respectful of the other. By their very essence, franchises are successful when they adhere to a tried-and-true formula. Similarly, franchisors need to view their franchisees not just as a means to an end, but rather as partners in success, with the ultimate goal of satisfying today’s discerning customer.

While franchise disputes have always existed, and most certainly will always exist, today’s disclosure laws aim to bridge the gap between being overzealous in what is being promised and being realistic in what can be delivered. And, just as operators can only succeed by meeting the needs of the customer, so too will franchisors only be successful if they work with their franchisees as true partners with the same end goal: pleasing and satisfying the customer.

Along with a copy of the magazine, we have also included in this month’s polybag issue, a Market Industry Survey. I hope you will take a few minutes to complete this important questionnaire. For the second year, we have partnered with consultant Doug Fisher and Ryerson University to provide operators across Canada with valuable operating performance standards that will allow you to better understand how your restaurant is doing compared to industry averages. The survey charts industry performance by province, style of restaurant and sector. Please take a few minutes to complete this information either manually and return by mail to our office, or take a few minutes to complete it online, at the web address listed on the survey. The completed report, to be published later this summer, will be available on a complimentary basis to respondents.  

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