Lactalis Foodservice Expands Portfolio

Lactalis executive panel speakers on stage

TORONTO — The Lacatalis product portfolio recently became larger with the launch of the Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella. The new product officially launched at an exclusive event held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto on January 22nd.

With more than 100 industry members in attendance, the Lactalis team hosted an afternoon launch party that featured an information session, two panels and a tasting of a specially curated menu prepared by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s chef Liezle Espejo.

In kicking off the event, Master of Ceremonies Afrim Pristine, cheesemonger, TV personality and owner of the popular Cheese Boutique, spoke about the attributes of this new cheese. Pristine, who has grown up around cheese since he was a young boy working in his family’s Cheese Boutique, recalled some of his early food memories indulging in Galbani cheese. “With 26 per cent milk fat, pizza won’t be the same,” boasted Pristine, stressing the cheese will create great pull and stretch.

Pristine moderated two panels. The first panel featured Iven Zanardo, general manager, Foodservice, Ingredients and Export, Lactalis Canada; Andrew Davis, vice-president of Marketing – Foodservice, Ingredients and Export, Lactalis Canada; chef Luciano Schipano, president of the Italian Chefs’ Association and operator of several restaurant concepts; and Ryan Marquis, president of the Canadian Culinary Federation. The second panel highlighted three chefs who operate pizza restaurants, including chef Thomas Schneider, owner of Tommy’s Pizzeria in Winnipeg; chef Maurizio Mascioli of Maurizio’s Pizza in Parry Sound, Ont.; and chef Anthony Sestito, owner and head chef at Pastaio.

Acoording to Samay Bhardwaj, senior Brand manager at Lactalis Canada, who welcomed guests to the event, “This is a landmark day for Lactalis,” stating that “innovation is the pathway to success.” Bhardwaj told the audience that though the industry suffered through the challenging years of the pandemic, it’s managed to recover in two short years. As the largest dairy producer in the world, Bhardwaj said that Galbani is the flagship brand of the group, citing a long-established tradition that dates back to 1882 when the company began producing quality cheese products in Italy. “No other brand epitomizes Italian cheese like Galbani,” said Bhardwaj.

For the chefs featured on the two panels, the new product brings excitement to an already growing Italian foods segment. Each of the chefs cited the importance of quality products, stressing they liked the quality and the consistency that the new cheese affords. Many also cited the importance of new products such as the lactose-free mozzarella. In fact, according to chef Mascioli, he’s been exclusively using the Lactalis lactose-free product in all his restaurant’s pizzas. According to Davis, the Premio product performs well in all types of ovens – whether it’s wood, brick or gas. “It performs across all parameters,” he said.

Zanardo added that this product continues the heritage of the Galbani name. “A must have ingredient for any professional kitchen, Galbani Professionale Premio Pizza Mozzarella is destined to inspire chefs and become the preferred choice for restaurants nationwide,” said Zanardo.

Lactalis executives believe the premium mozzarella is the new gold standard, and will help re-define the pizza segment and Italian restaurants with a product they claim provides remarkable blister coverage and uniformity, ideal and exceptional cheese coverage, as well as rich buttery and creamy flavour. With 26 per cent fat, this product provides ample free oil for an indulgent experience.

As the latest innovation from Italy’s number-1 cheese brand, Galbani Professionale Premio is a 26 per cent pizza mozzarella that comes in a 2.3kg block format.

“Working with a new cheese can sometimes be challenging – but not when it’s a Galbani Professionale product,” said chef Schneider. “I know that Lactalis Canada’s Galbani Professionale team puts the time and research into ensuring their products always cook properly, with amazing consistency so that chefs like myself never have to worry.”

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