Ontario Place Advisory Panel Calls For More Restaurants


TORONTO — The new Ontario Place should be robust with restaurants and food carts, according to a report released yesterday by John Tory, chair of the Minister’s advisory panel for the Ontario Place Revitalization.

The report, which lists recommendations on how to transform Ontario Place into a year-round destination and landmark, includes a commitment to design excellence and creative sustainable principles.

“Ideally, the public component of Ontario Place will have something for everyone to enjoy — from open spaces to urban plazas, from wild gardens to sports fields, from food carts to sit-down bistros,” reads the report, which advises the new spaces have small ecological footprints.

The report also recommends using a small portion of its land-water property for residential development. The residential properties, which should not obstruct views to the water, will house a mix of shops, artist studios, restaurants and patios. The report urges the Minister to consider the feasibility of a hotel or resort on the property.

The government is expected to review the report and determine an action plan for revitalization at Ontario Place.

For the complete report, visit mtc.gov.on.ca.

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