ORHMA Announces Integration of OHI and CAFP Toronto


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is integrating both the Ontario Hostelry Institute (OHI) and the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) to preserve and enhance the value they provide for education, recognition, leadership and support of students and professionals within the foodservice and lodging industries.

The OHI has a more than 40-year history working with the education sector on curriculum development and driving recognition of key contributors to the success and evolution of the industry. With the passing of J. Charles Grieco, who was responsible for overseeing the organization, ORHMA was offered the honour of taking on the responsibility of becoming the custodian of this organization.

The CAFP has operated through a number of local branches for more than 100 years, providing a valuable link between foodservice students, educational institutions and industry employers. With CAFP disbanding nationally, ORHMA was approached to take on the leadership and support of this organization’s functions throughout Ontario.

Following an extensive period of consultation and reflection, ORHMA’s board confirmed the acceptance of stewardship for the future of both the OHI and integration of the Toronto CAFP into both ORHMA and OHI.

“ORHMA’s decision to take on this responsibility is based on our commitment to continue the traditions and contributions of both organizations and to steer the growth and success of the roles they have served in the hospitality industry into the future,” says Tony Elenis, president & CEO, ORHMA.

ORHMA will be establishing an OHI advisory group and will be looking to past OHI and CAFP leaders and other industry stakeholders to assist and to support the newly integrated organizations to help drive future success.

As part of this integration, the OHI will be renamed the Ontario Hospitality Institute, reflecting alignment with both the lodging and foodservice segments. CAFP will be transferring a portion of its remaining funds to OHI to kickstart student-support initiatives and financial awards.

“ORHMA is the perfect fit to continue the excellent work of OHI and continue to lead and develop recognition opportunities for those in the industry and ORHMA will be able to support the evolution of CAFP’s role in Ontario to one of greater reach, scope and impact on the development of our future leaders and serve to promote career development into both foodservice and lodging,” says Jason Cheskes, ORHMA board director and past vice-president of CAFP Toronto. “Both organizations bring ORHMA established groups of dedicated professionals to help make that happen.”

ORHMA is currently working to finalize the date of its first OHI event under ORHMA stewardship this fall. The event will be focused on celebrating and highlighting the contributions of the OHI and outline the path for the Ontario Hospitality Institute into the future. Included will be the launch of two special student financial grants in the names of prominent OHI leaders, partially made possible through the legacy funds CAFP is providing.

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