Recipe Unlimited Partners with Gastronomous Technologies

Hamburgers on grill being cooked

VAUGHAN, Ont. — Recipe Unlimited has partnered with Gastronomous Technologies to test automation of the flame grill at select Harvey’s restaurants across Ontario called the Chronogrill.

After more than two years of meticulous development by the Gastronomous team, an industry-leading automation firm, this innovative solution incorporates AI, advanced vision systems and industrial-grade automation to grill the perfect burger in half the time while reducing energy consumption. The system provides detailed operational insights, 24/7 remote monitoring and seamless service support.

“The goal of integrating this cutting-edge technology is to deliver an exceptional guest experience by serving top-quality flame-grilled burgers 100 per cent of the time while simultaneously increasing our speed of service and lowering our environmental impact,” says David Colebrook, president of Limited Service Dining for Recipe.

“Recipe has been an exceptional partner throughout this journey,” says Kevork Sevadjian, CEO of Gastronomous Technologies. “Recipe’s forward-thinking leadership and their team’s collaboration have been instrumental in realizing the potential of this partnership. This milestone not only marks a significant achievement for Recipe but also heralds a new era of innovation for the entire restaurant industry.”

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