Technomic: Canadian Restaurant Trends 2013


CHICAGO — The Chicago-based research firm Technomic has indentified five Canadian foodservice trends that its research shows will take shape in 2013.

To start, the research firm reports that chefs will pare down traditional entrées into small plates, look to street trucks for snacking inspiration and incorporate more ethnic flavours and ingredients into sharing dishes.

As much as 2012 was the year of the burger, 2013 promises to be the year of the chicken. Chefs will be looking to high-quality chicken raised locally, naturally and humanely and prepared using traditional cooking methods such as rotisserie, frying and roasting.

Other trends include seeing more veggies on the plate and specifically kale, brussels sprouts, carrots and cauliflower. Asian influences will continue to increase in popularity from banh mi served streetside, to upscale sit-down eateries focused on authentic Thai food.

The beverage category will see innovation with artisan preparation and ethnic flavours such as small-batch sodas, housemade root beer, handmade fountain drinks and exotic refreshers such as South-American aguas frescas.

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