Wendy’s Launches Poutine in Canada


OAKVILLE, Ont. — Wendy’s is joining the poutine craze, adding the Quebec-inspired snack to its Canadian menu, while launching an online “Poutition” to make it a national dish.

“Poutine is a dish that has symbolic importance for many Canadians,” said Ron Baugh, senior vice-president, Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada. “So we’re asking people to join the conversation. Poutine is perfect when you want to indulge in a hearty, truly Canadian dish.”

Canadians can visit Poutition.ca or Wendy’s Canada Facebook page until July 1 to sign the petition to make the offering of fries, curds and gravy Canada’s national dish.

Poutine is available across Canada for $3.99 and for $2.20 as a combo upgrade.

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