From the Editor: The Human Touch

Photo by Nick Wong

As we prepare to vault ourselves into a new year, we close off this one by celebrating excellence, just as we’ve done for the past 29 years, with the presentation of our annual Pinnacle Awards.

By shining the spotlight on the people and companies that have done well over the past year, we highlight the success that is pervasive in the dynamic foodservice and hospitality industry. What would this industry be without the passion, dedication and commitment to excellence exemplified by our collection of winners — a group that includes operators, restaurateurs, chefs and suppliers.

Clearly, people are the pulse of this industry. Regardless how pervasive and disruptive technology may become, without the human touch, foodservice operators can neither succeed nor thrive. What better way to recognize this than through our annual awards program? So, as we begin to wind down this celebratory year, marked in part by our year-long social-media photo contest called Made in Canada, whose finalists are showcased in this issue (see p.12), we also ready ourselves for celebrating yet another milestone — the magazine’s 50th anniversary.

Hard to believe that in 2018 Foodservice and Hospitality will mark half a century of industry-wide coverage. Given the disruption that has occurred in the publishing industry over the past two decades, and the reality that some magazines have morphed into digital-only publications or ceased publishing altogether, our ability to grow, expand and prosper during tumultuous times is quite humbling. It’s also a remarkable testament to our KML team and the industry we serve. And, in a year in which we will be celebrating our history covering this industry, how appropriate it is to launch the Foodservice and Hospitality Hall of Fame, paying homage to the operators, chefs and suppliers who have come together throughout the industry’s history to build, shape and move it forward.

What better way to recognize these foodservice titans and ensure their continued legacy in the landscape of this important industry? We hope you stay tuned over the next few months as we profile these incredible individuals in both our magazine and on our website, where they will reside as a testament to all they’ve achieved in laying the foundation for a successful and vibrant future for all of us.

Finally, in the spirit of the season, and on behalf of the entire KML team, we wish our readers and advertisers alike a truly wonderful holiday season — one marked by good health, happiness and, as always, a touch of magic. Happy Holidays.

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