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The team at Del Monte Fresh Produce is utilizing social-media channels in creative ways in order to promote brand awareness in all the markets it serves.

With an active presence across social-media channels — including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube — the company uses social media to highlight how its products help consumers to lead healthier lifestyles.

“Our goal is to inspire healthy lifestyles through wholesome and convenient products and this mission shapes everything we do on our social channels,” says Christou. “We’re in a great position, as our products are fresh fruits and vegetables, so it’s a real pleasure to be able to help more consumers enjoy these nutritious foods. Showcasing how easy it is to prepare great-tasting meals at home is something we like to prioritize.”

Acting on the belief that consumers will often first experience new flavours and ingredients through foodservice, Del Monte’s foodservice channel is creative and versatile and the company often looks to foodservice to see what consumers are enjoying most.

But maintaining a consistent message and voice across all channels can be a challenge, according to Christou.

“We have a clear goal, which is to inspire healthy lifestyles through wholesome and convenient products,” says Christou. “We keep this goal —and our consumer — front of mind at all times and use them as our North Star. By ensuring we are always creating content with our consumer in mind, we can be sure our messages are consistent across channels. We also have a great working relationship with our internal teams to ensure we’re always collaborating to bring that message to the consumer effectively.”

Another social-media challenge for the team at Del Monte is standing out from the crowd. “There’s a lot of content created every day, so you have to work hard to ensure you’re relevant,” says Christou. “We achieve this goal by always putting the consumers’ needs first and stay committed to our goal of inspiring consumers to lead more healthful lives. Having a clear consumer-led reason for creating content helps ensure your content is useful and relevant, which is central to any successful social-media campaign.”

To experience Del Monte Fresh Produce’s social-media assists, visit:

Instagram & Twitter @delmontefresh
Facebook @delmontefreshproduce
YouTube: delmontefresh

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