Raising-Up-Restaurants Campaign Launched to Help Local Restaurants and Bars


TORONTO — In an effort to aid the hard-hit restaurant industry, three Canadian businesses have joined forces to help local restaurants and bars save costs on a significant revenue stream — takeout orders.

Launched by wuw wuw, Foodzinga and CuBE Packaging, the Raising-Up-Restaurants campaign will provide free takeout containers to any business that goes to wuwwuw.com, fills out the form and downloads the wuw wuw app. Restaurants and bars can sign up for an initial delivery of 300 premium, re-usable containers that are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, with the option to replenish once they sell out.

The campaign will also offer two months of delivery with no commission through Foodzinga’s delivery platform, along with progressive rates of 4.5 per cent and seven per cent.

The aim of the program is to help local, independent restaurant and bar owners save costs on every takeout meal. The offer will run until restaurants are back on their feet.

With already razor-thin profit margins, it’s a well-known struggle for restaurants to survive purely on takeout, especially if they are giving a portion of every order to a third-party-delivery site. The major third-party-delivery apps will traditionally take a 20- to 30-per-cent commission on every order — now capped at 15 per cent by the Ontario provincial government. This was manageable when takeout accounted for only a portion of sales. Now, with takeout as the only option in the shutdown, it’s becoming even more difficult to break even.

wuw wuw is a new-age reservation and booking platform currently in its beta stage and set to launch this year. The company aims to create an online marketplace and provide a new way to wine and dine.

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