Saskatchewan and Manitoba Implement New Liquor Laws


Changes to liquor laws in Saskatchewan and Manitoba mean restaurants and other business owners will have more freedom when serving alcohol to their guests.

“Our government is pleased to improve our liquor regulatory system by eliminating red tape and creating new opportunities for business,” Donna Harpauer, the minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA), told Global News.

In Saskatchewan, 39 of the proposed 77 regulations announced in November came into effect today. With the new regulations, movie theatres can apply for a permit to sell alcohol in age-restricted areas; hotels, resorts and lodges can offer all-inclusive pricing that includes alcohol; and sports stadiums can determine the number of drinks to sell to spectators instead of two per purchase. []

Meanwhile, in Manitoba, a new bill has been introduced in the legislature. Now, it will be easier for brew pubs to get licensed; restaurants will no longer have to report the sales ratio between food and alcohol; restaurants can serve alcohol without a meal; and spas and hair salons can offer alcohol to their clients. [The Liquor Control Act]

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