Times Colonist: Parksville, B.C. Restaurant Announces No-Tipping Policy


VICTORIA, B.C. — Smoke and Water is just weeks away from opening in the Pacific Shores Resort in Parksville, B.C., and it’s purported to be the first restaurant in Canada that will do away with tipping, reports Times Colonist.

“Tipping is a broken business model,” owner David Jones told the newspaper, adding that his plans include raising menu prices by 18 per cent and paying serving staff between $20 and $24 (and cooks $16 to $18) an hour. The owner also plans to pay for medical and dental coverage for his staff. “When you take away tipping, you find you get more seasoned servers, and you’re able to increase the quality of personnel you get in the back of house,” he adds.

Bruce McAdams, assistant professor at the University of Guelph’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management says many restaurateurs agree the tipping model is out-of-date. “Three years ago, I wouldn’t have said this will catch on, but there’s a 50-per-cent chance that, five years from now, the restaurant model could change,” he said. “And it will start with small, independent operators.” [timescolonist.com]


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