Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership Takes Ownership of Naramata Inn

photo credit: Allison Kuhl

NARAMATA, B.C. — The Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership has taken ownership of the Naramata Heritage Inn, situated on the shore of B.C.’s Okanagan Lake. 

The Naramata Hospitality Limited Partnership is composed of four B.C. hospitality experts: Ned Bell, Kate Colley, Paul Hollands and Maria Wiesner. The partnership was formed through the unique combination of like-mindedness around food, hospitality, lifestyle, values and dreams.

“I’ve had the good fortune to work around the globe in my 30-year career as a chef and culinary ambassador,” says Bell. “I’ve experienced many of the world’s finest food-and-wine regions. The Okanagan is the equal to any of them. We’re so excited about the opportunity to invest and build our future here.”

Built in 1907, the 12-room inn has been a hub for culture and recreation for more than a century and will soon feature a hyper-local restaurant and bar. 

The Inn will deliver a proudly “Naramatian” experience. From produce to proteins, the menus will be built around the best local growers and artisans in Naramata and the Okanagan Valley and will showcase the true depth and breadth of award-winning wines produced by B.C. winemakers.

“The opportunity to reimagine a legacy property like the Naramata Inn is a real gift,” says Hollands. We’re looking forward to creating something that will have such a positive impact on the community, the Okanagan Valley and, ultimately, guests from all over the world.”

Guests can enjoy the new Naramata Inn as of May 2020.

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