Ventless Systems Allow for Continued Kitchen Adaptation


MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. — As restaurant operators focus on ensuring safety while adjusting operations and layouts, ventless systems are among the key equipment solutions being considered.

Multi-functional, compact, ventless equipment, such as Alto-Shaam’s Vector H Series Multi-Cook ovens, help enable social distancing in kitchens. The H Series features Structured Air Technology that cooks food two times faster than conventional ovens, a 21-inch footprint and offers up to four ovens in one, allowing a variety of items to be cooked simultaneously.

The company’s heated holding cabinets with Halo Heat Technology can also aid in streamlining kitchen traffic, allowing operators to keep food at its ideal serving temperature and hold for hours without being dry or overcooked.

As foodservice operators continue to focus on building to-go programs, the easiest way to ensure that off-premise orders do not disrupt future dine-in service is to dedicate a specific area to this sales channel. Ventless equipment provides added flexibility in kitchen design, allowing operators to maximize floor space and improve efficiency and workflow.

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